Monday, April 25, 2011

A new beginning

Decided to change things up a bit...I felt that my blog was a bit drab and needed some spring cleaning.
I am full of delight from all the color that I am surrounding myself with. Thanks to attic 24 and crocheting with Raymond (wonderful blogs) I am a crochet fiend this month...GRANNY square heaven!!!
Granny pillow

I ordered some Debbie Bliss Andes(silk & Alpaca) YUMMY!! I have started the Japanese Flower shawl from Attic 24...what a blast. Thank you Lucy. you can visit me on Ravelry see what I have been up to over there. As for Journaling, well it has taken a back seat for a while, I am just feeling the Fiber!
Japanese Flowers from Attic 24
Crocheted flowers for Hanna's hai


  1. So happy to visit with you and share your delight in all things colourful and hooky, it's great isn't it?? Ahhh the Andes is To Die For, I quite miss it actually. Enjoy the flowers, looking good already!
    lots of love to you


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