Friday, April 30, 2010

working on my paper clay dolls

I am so excited about my dolls and using paper clay. I started two new ladies yesterday and they are now drying. One is named "unlock Me" the other is "stop wearing your heart on your sleeve". I am really itching to get painting. I plan on using my Golden acrylics and glazes and then trying these new PANPASTELS that I just picked up. I love using the one step crackle medium but I get all nervous and wonder if I should crackle or not.....sounds strange huh? I went scavenger hunting for things to use a a base, I found lots of old and new goodies...a good place to hit is the Homegoods discount aisle...lots of strange, cheap, broken stuff that can be altered.
I will post pics of my work in process as soon as I get a chance.

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  1. Ok, I know I am clogging up your blog with all my inane comments, but I was just on my way to buy paperclay to make Sue Pellitier-esque snowmen and I just had to comment. Your dolls are gorgeous and you HAVE to come to Art-is-You and take a class with Michael deMeng. I mean it- I will snatch you up next October and kidnap you to Connecticut.


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