Thursday, March 4, 2010

The start of a new book.

I am working on a mixed media book that is a fabric base. I just did a basic construction then started to alter fabrics from my scrap stash. I love painting, stamping and stitching on pre-printed fabrics.
I am working on the theme being all about me and what creativity means to me and how I approach it. I am also exploring my dreams and my enviorment that I get inpiration from. My studio has become a cave to me, sometimes it is comforting and other times I want to be UNCAGED. I feel  like one day I love the clutter, the chaos, the sense that I am cradled in it, other days I feel like I am being enveloped and need to get out.
This is a Photo of the cover and a few pieces that I did tonight that will used inside.


Do something creative EVERYDAY!