Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A day of quiet RefleCtIoN!!!

Today I was inspired by texture...I used UTEE with reckless abandon. I then went over it with Claudine's acrylics, oil sticks, charcole and matt medium. I was happy.
I thought about cravings, may have been KD lang playing on xpn...I went with that prompt, thought of food, sex, STUFF....ALL the things we crave throughout the day. I also thought about doors being opened and closed, what is behind them, what we are afraid of when we go through new ones or old ones close.

Todays work.

NEED to Vent:
Bought yarn(pretty pricey at that) in a shop in Princeton...the saleswomen wanted to go home, was rushing and didn't put the pattern in my bag. I called today and she said "oh sure I'll send it, I need your credit card for the $4.00 the pattern cost" REALLY???

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